Zombie Fight Club

2014 [CHINESE]

Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31% · 50 ratings
IMDb Rating 3.9/10 10 842 842


Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brooke_gaylene 7 / 10

Great movie with gorgeous girls, lots of blood, lots of action and lots of zombies...what more could you ask for? lol

After seeing the low rating and reading the one review I wasn't expecting much but I think the reviewer watched a different movie and should stick to Disney movies as this was great.

After watching the great (REC) 4 the day before where the original had a load of people trapped in an apartment block with infected people, this one also has a load of people trapped in an apartment block with lots of zombies. Along with a lot more blood, action and I mean a LOT of the afore mentioned zombies. Plus a load of scantily clad pretty girls, a couple, some military, old ex-fighter and army guy and many more characters all trying to escape.

The 2nd part of the movie shows an apocalyptic world over run with zombies, forcing people to live underground where the leaders surrounded by yet again more girls. These leaders force people to fight zombies for entertainment. Once again people are fighting to survive and escape this barbaric underground existence. But with zombies roaming above ground there is little choice of where to go.

Some of the CGI effects look a little cheap at times and sometimes it looks great with some neat effects. The whole look of the movie, the settings and zombie makeup is really good. There is quite a bit of female nudity, semi-nudity, sexual content, a bit of lesbian acts, lots of blood and gore, some bad language and lots of violence. If you don't any of that in a movie then go watch Frozen or something similar, as this is not the movie for you.

I watched this because I'm trying to watch every zombie movie and after seeing (REC) 4 yesterday and this today it's been a good couple of days and 2 great additions to my list of zombie movies seen. :)

Gave it 7 out of 10, one of the better movies in this genre.

Reviewed by brianl-142-182248 1 / 10

I decided to see this movie based on the title alone....

Went to see this movie with friend because nothing else is on. In a nutshell, the director took the apartment from Dredd, general atmosphere of George Romero movies, some Asian pop-stars, tossed in a blender, and filmed whatever detritus that came out. Fasten your seat belt and prepare for a long ride, because the prologue lasted for a whole hour before the titular zombie fight club starts.

There are some T&A in there, but not enough to justify the ticket price, and not the ones you went in hoping to see (Jessica C for me). My feeling is that the director is familiar with elements from various zombie movies, yet completely missed that zombie movies are always about the human; zombies are forces of nature that creates the survivalist environment which brings out the cruel and selfish tendency within us. Instead we get characters that are just as bland and dumb as the zombies they are fighting. Zombie Battle Royale would be more fitting title for this movie.

The movie has no idea whether it wants to be an action film, body horror, or slap stick comedy. Switching between all three at will. It has all the subtlety of a getaway BMW that is somehow emplaced inside an apartment unit on the top floor, smashing through multiple concrete walls until it's sailing through open air, crashing to the ground with nary a dent. And yes, that scene is in the movie.

Reviewed by arfdawg-1 6 / 10

Is the Review fro Brian Liu Relevant? NO!!!!

The Plot.

It's the end of the century at a corner of the city in a building riddled with crime.

Everyone in the building has turned into zombies.

After Jenny's boyfriend is killed in a zombie attack, she faces the challenge of surviving in the face of adversity.

In order to stay alive, she struggles with Andy to flee danger.

Strange zombie movie that's all over the place but no where near as bad as that idiot on IMDb said.

Break down: The first half is rocking.

The second half is disjointed at best.

The direction sucks for the duration. But for some reason you cannot take your eyes of this film.

I give t a six for chutzpah.

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